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Best 3 Dentists in White River Junction VT (2)

Doctors Network

Dec 24, 2022

Does Your Tooth Need Root Canal Therapy?

When a tooth is decayed, it could become an abscessed tooth. The presence of abscess means serious discomfort, and without treatment, it could result in tooth loss. This is why your tooth may need restorative treatment. Fortunately, there are options available to treat an infection. Our network can help connect you to a White River Junction dentist for root canal therapy. We can also help find a restorative dentist that accepts self-pay patients.

A dental infection means that harmful oral bacteria have made contact with the inner pulp. The pulp is the nerve center of the tooth, and it keeps the tooth healthy. Lack of intervention for an infection could allow serious discomfort. A common warning sign of trouble could include toothaches. Don’t ignore unexplained discomfort. Talk to our team about finding a White River Junction dental professional who accepts self-pay patients and payment plan options.

A root canal procedure is a restorative dental treatment that can be completed in one sitting. Essentially, after the dental specialist examines the tooth, the infected tissues are removed from within. The interior of the tooth is cleaned, and gutta percha is added. The last step involves capping the tooth with a porcelain or gold crown. The cap is designed to protect the tooth and look natural. This treatment helps relieve the pain.

Daily brushing and flossing can help lower your risk of future tooth cavity and dental infections. Dental exams help as well. If you’re looking for treatment in White River Junction for infected teeth, contact Doctors Network or book an online appointment. You have options, and we know how to find practices that accept self-pay patients.

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Best 3 Dentists in White River Junction VT (3)

Doctors Network

Nov 5, 2022

Only 4 Dental Implants Could Support Full Dentures

Have you lost most of your natural teeth? If so, this could mean complications with bite functions, from trouble chewing a variety of foods, to difficulties talking. Your jaw loses bone density following tooth loss, which could lead to the loss of additional teeth. In some cases, a breakdown in the facial structures could develop as well. You could benefit from implant dentures not only to replace missing teeth, but also to preserve your facial structures. But what if your jaw is too weak for multiple dental implants? Then Doctors Network can recommend a White River Junction dental professional who offers All-On-4s.

Most fixed dentures need between six and eight implant fixtures per arch. But with All-on-4, you only need four posts. Even if your jaw has lost mass and density this could still support a full set of dentures. No need to undergo bone ridge preservation beforehand! These can also often be placed with the denture attached on the same visit. In fact, that’s why this is often referred to as Teeth-In-A-Day. Our team can help find best private dentists in White River Junction who can offer these lifelike prosthetics. You can even book a dentist appointment.

If you questions about the cost, then consider registering for our Direct Dental Plan. This membership program allows you to pay a small monthly fee, which is set by your dentist, to save significantly on the cost of cosmetic dentistry. This helps our White River Junction patients find affordable dental care, and smile with confidence once again.

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Best 3 Dentists in White River Junction VT (4)

Doctors Network

Oct 11, 2022

Treatment For Tooth Decay in White River Junction

Tooth decays are common threats to oral health, and without proper care could lead to painful infections or even the increased risk of lost teeth. When you have discomfort that lingers for a while, then you likely have a tooth decay that needs a dental filling. If you have toothaches, and you need to find a dental office near you who treats patients with no insurance, search for dentists in White River Junction on Doctors Network.

Cavities form when the outer layer of enamel is weakened. The destruction of the enamel often occurs due to lack of good oral hygiene habits, such as not brushing and flossing frequently enough. A diet high in unhealthy foods is another common factor. Once a cavity forms, it will grow unless treated, and lack of treatment could actually mean worsening pain and an infected tooth. Signs of tooth decay include aching teeth. When you notice pain in a tooth, don’t delay. Our network can help connect you with a dentist in White River Junction for caries risk assessment.

Treating a case of tooth decay often means placing a composite restoration. First, the dentist will remove the weakened portions from the tooth. Next, silver or gold or composite resin material is added to the tooth. The dentist then sculpts the composite as it sets. The entire process only takes one appointment. A dental restoration helps stop discomfort and protects the smile from complications like abscesses. If you need to find out the tooth filling cost with no insurance in White River Junction, VT, then talk to Doctors Network. You can even sign up for a dental plan and schedule a dentist appointment online. We can help you find the right dentist for your oral health needs!

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Best 3 Dentists in White River Junction VT (5)

Doctors Network

Sep 21, 2022

Finding Dental Restoration Options For A Loose Tooth

Do you have A Loose Tooth? Or, have you lost several or possibly all of them? If so, this could mean major oral health complications. Over time, you may develop negative impacts on the health and beauty of your smile. In fact, you could even develop major changes to your facial structure! To safeguard the function, health, and beauty of your smile, you need help from a good dental practice near White River Junction, and we can connect you to dental professionals that accept most dental insurances!

What happens when you lose your teeth? Well, the surrounding teeth could shift, impacting your overall smile alignment. The pressure on your jaw joints and bite balance could lead to painful complications, like TMJ disorder or bruxism. You could have difficulty eating your favorite foods, and speaking clearly could be challenging as well. But the most severe complication is the the weakening of the jaw. This means that you could suffer further tooth loss. In addition, a prematurely aged appearance could arise! But help is available, as White River Junction dentists or prosthodontists could discuss advanced prosthetics, such as teeth implants and bridges, and select treatment options that could be covered with most dental insurances.

Dental bridges could address minor tooth loss. All on 4 dental implants could provide solutions for more severe cases. For the perfect solution to your tooth loss, you could find the best White River Junction dentists that perform teeth implants. Don’t let missing teeth complicate your daily life, and talk to our team about finding an implantologist!

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Best 3 Dentists in White River Junction VT (6)

Doctors Network

Sep 17, 2022

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth in White River Junction

It is important for your little ones to visit a dental professional on a biannual basis for dental visits and cleanings. By teaching your children how to take care of their teeth, you are ensuring that they have the knowledge to have healthy smiles for life. If you are looking for a pediatric dental office in White River Junction who takes new patients, you are on the right website.

In addition to offering examinations and cleanings, pediatric dentists on Doctors Network also provide your child with dental sealants. These are thin pieces of film that go over their molars. They work as a protective film that forms a shield between their molars and bacteria. This ultimately prevents the risk of infection by up to 80%. It is a simple tool that is very effective at preventing cavities on adult teeth in the future.

Fluoride treatments are another proven tool that your kids’ dentists provide. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps bolster your child’s enamel layer. While enamel is one of the strongest substances our bodies produce, it can still weaken over time. When this occurs, your child’s teeth become more susceptible to damage. This procedure helps mitigate this damage. Using high-fluoride toothpaste can also help. For more information, we invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists in White River Junction.

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Best 3 Dentists in White River Junction VT (7)

Doctors Network

Aug 13, 2022

Whiter And Brighter Smiles in White River Junction, VT

Many people would be ecstatic to have a whiter smile. When you stroll down the aisles of any drug store, you see myriad products that promote their teeth whitening abilities. If you have purchased any of these, you know that they almost always provide lackluster results. However, professional tooth whitening can actually give you a brighter smile. If you are looking for a dentist in White River Junction, VT that works with uninsured patients, we can help you find one that offers professional tooth whitening.

When you visit your White River Junction dentist, they can provide you with either an in-office or at-home treatment. Should you opt for treatment in the office, you will only have to stay for roughly an hour. When you come in, your dentist will apply a bleaching gel to your front teeth that is then activated with a specialized light that removes discoloration.

If you would prefer to choose an at-home treatment, your dentist will give you a set of custom trays that you can use along with a safe bleaching solution. You will wear these for one or two hours each day for approximately two weeks. Once this treatment is complete, you will have a whiter and brighter smile. If you would like to request an appointment online with a White River Junction dentist that takes uninsured patients, we can help you find a fantastic one.

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