List of vehicle inspection stations in Trinidad & Tobago (2022)

Recently there have been messages being shared stating that come Monday 20th February 2017, Police and Licensing Officers will be out in force checking vehicle inspection stickers and certificates. The messages go on to state that the fine for not having this sticker up-to-date is TT$5000 while others quote TT$1000 and TT$7500. I contacted Mr. Phillip Greaves, Interim President of the Association of Vehicle Inspection Stations in Trinidad & Tobago to shed some light on this.

According to Mr. Greaves, “first and foremost it is the law of Trinidad & Tobago to have your vehicle inspection valid regardless if Police are enforcing it or not”. So you cannot claim you did not know they were checking or not.

Mr. Greaves went on to share the following information:

According to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act chapter 48:50, Part V, section 27 (11).
A registered owner of a private motor vehicle or
motorcycle, public service motor vehicle, rental car, goods vehicle,
omnibus or trailer who fails to produce the vehicle for inspection or
drives the vehicle without obtaining an inspection sticker and
certificate in accordance with these Regulations commits an offence
and is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of five thousand dollars.

Thereforethe fine is set at exactly TT$5,000.Not $1000 nor $7500 as suggested on social media.

The PDF can be downloaded from the Ministry of Legal Affairs website at the following link: ... /48.50.pdf

P vehicles older than 5 years from the date of manufacture must be inspected and carry a valid inspection sticker and certificate. If your vehicle was manufactured 5 years ago but was only purchased and registered 3 years ago, you will still need to have it inspected and carry a valid inspection sticker and certificate. The 5 years are checked from the date of manufacture and not the date of license.

T vehicles are to be inspected one year after the date of licensing (where it would have been inspected anyway) and annually after that i.e. every year.

The cost to have your P vehicle inspected at any one of the registered Vehicle Inspection Stations around the country is TT$162.50 VAT inclusive. It was previously TT$165 when VAT was set at 15%.

All P registered vehicles must be inspected at one of these stations unless your P vehicle is over 2270 kilograms.

All P vehicles over 2270Kg must instead be inspected at licensing office San Fernando or at the new Motor Vehicle Authority building in Frederick Settlement, Caroni or Licensing Office Scarborough, Tobago.

All T vehicles must be inspected at licensing office San Fernando or at the new Motor Vehicle Authority building in Frederick Settlement, Caroni or Licensing Office Scarborough, Tobago.

The cost to have your T vehicle (or P vehicle over 2270Kg) inspected at Licensing Office is TT$300.

Mr. Greaves said you will require a valid insurance certificate and the Certified Copy of ownership to have your vehicle inspected at any one of the Inspection Stations or licensing offices. If you do not have the certified copy or there is a minor issue with the vehicle that needs to be corrected, a sticker nor certificate will be given, however a Checklist bearing the official stamp of the Inspection Station will be given to the customer and a period of 1 day up to 6 weeks will be granted to have the certified copy or issue resolved. Then the sticker and certificate will be issued. I asked Mr. Greaves if a Police or Licensing Officer were to stop a vehicle inside of this 1 day to 6 week period pending the certificate, he stated the driver could show the checklist to the officer which should be sufficient to show the vehicle was inspected. I assume it would be up to the discretion of the officer.

Mr. Greaves went on to say that if the inspection station had no stickers in stock they would issue a receipt and the inspection certificate. The inspection certificate would be sufficient for a Police or Licensing Officer to know the vehicle was inspected. He said you must have the inspection certificate in your car at all times should an officer ask you to produce it.

Brent Batson, Head of the Road Safety Division also confirmed through another contact that 40 new Licensing Officers have been added to the roster but did not confirm or deny that any official notice was sent out regarding officers checking for inspection stickers and certificates from Monday 20th February, however he reiterated that it is the law and everyone should have a valid sticker and certificate.

[Article by Duane Boodasingh]

Post any vehicle inspection stations that you know are still in operation around T&T to help out fellow car owners.
Post the ones you knowthat are still in operationin your reply and I will add it to the list in the first post.


006 J’s Auto Masters | Chootoo Road El Socorro, South San Juan | Krish Jurai | 674-5315 |
014 KamusMufflersWorks Ltd | 19-21 First Avenue, Barataria | Naim Mustapha | 671-7308/7315, 680-0029 |
040 Motor Care and Maintenance (MCM) Ltd | 115 Eighth Street, Barataria | Dianne Guishard | 638-2563 |
054 Frank Jeeta’s 57A Eastern Main Road Barataria Frank Jeeta 638-5797
055 Bacchus Taxi and Car Rentals Ltd. 37 Tragarete Road Port of Spain Louis Bacchus 622-5588
056 Auto Works Ltd Wrightson Road Port of Spain Cleveland & Alima Garcia 624-5265
057 Professional Garages Ltd. Pashley Street Laventille James Daniel 625-7725
075 VMCOTT – Vehicle Management Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago 22 Beetham Gardens Beetham Highway Laventille
076 Vulcan Muffler Services 22 Eastern Main Road Laventille Hugh Jacobs 623-4310
065 Bamboo Grove Auto Collision Service Bamboo Settlement #3 Curepe Ricky Ramnarine 645-2991


010 Valley Auto Centre LP 108 Morne Coco Road Petit Valley Phillip Greaves 632- 7571 759-7965/ 351-6905
051 Amar Distributors 3 Long Circular Road St. James Gerard Moreau 628-8142


002MotorMaxAutoand Diesel Garage 33 Mausica Rd. D’Abadie Ashram Baldah 671-0900
011Ramps Limited 86 Green Street Tunapuna Teeluckram Rampaul 645-2376/663-1727
018 VulcanMufflersO’Meara Industrial Estate O’Meara Road Arima Hugh Jacob 642-3108
022 Chow’s Service Bay Eastern Main Road Sangre Grande Peter Chow 668-0865
030 Eastern Auto Garage Ltd. Eastern Main Road Sangre Grande Kamaludeen Ali 668-0202
038 Stephen Wellington T/A Baseline Services Co. Ltd. Corner Eastern Main Road and Reserve Road Valencia Stephen Wellington 667-0453
046 Frank’s Tyre and Body Shop 316 E.M.R. El Dorado Tunapuna Francis McQueen
073 Mamoud Mohammed 50 km Eastern Main Road Sangre Grande Mamoud Mohammed 668-1443


001 Sookhai’s Diesel Service Limited IDC Industrial Estate Biljah Road Chaguanas Naraish Sookhai 665-4675
017 Alternative Gases Ltd. 153-154 Eastern Main Road Road Freeport Jainarine Rampersad 673-2389
027 Kaljam Ali 113 Munroe Road Cunupia Kaljam Ali 672-4186
029 Mulchan and Kalli Sawh T/A Central Auto /Review Bonne Aventure Road Cunupia Mulchan and Kali Sawh 671-2827, 655-0287
042 Worrel Regis and Co. Ltd. LP 376 Southern Main Road Chaguanas Kathleen Regis 665-3377


003 Bobby’s Auto Enterprises Limited 17 ½ Erin Road Santa Flora Reshenarine Maharaj 649-5828
005Sudama Ramlogan 59 Fairfield Road, Craignish Village Princes Town Sudama Ramlogan 655-3243
007 Spark Motor Supplies 161 Coffee Street San Fernando 46C Hubert Rance Street San Fernando Jaipersad Maharaj 652-8643 / 681-9993
012 Southern Instruments Co. Ltd. 2 Leotaud Street San Fernando Samuel K. Bullock 652-6048/620-4020
013 J.C.S. Car Craft 49A Grants Road Rousillac Village Jagdeo Singh 648-8694
016 South’s Auto Services Station Co. Ltd. 127 Siparia-Erin Road Debe Faizul Hosein 647-6878/620-2064
021 Hilltop Motor Supplies 31/2 San Francique Road Timital Junction Penal Modhan Singh 649-0350
024 Pegasus Automotive Enterprises 122 Eccles Village Williamsville Dhanmattie and Kazim Rahaman 656-1316
025 David’s Auto Repairs LP 6 Ramai Trace Debe Davendranath Ramai 647-6793
026 Auto-Trac Supplies & Service LP 172 Siparia Old Road Avocat Village Fyzabad Fazeel Abdool 677-4122
031 D & SAutoCareServices Ltd. 1-3 Naparima-Mayaro Road Mon Repos San Fernando Mary Griffith 653-3554
032 R & R Engineering Associates Ltd. LP 235 Iere village Princes Town Ramlal Jaggernauth 659-3205; 655-9671
033 BFMufflers37 km Naparima-Mayaro Road Rio Claro Solina Ali Lowkaran 644-2889
035 C.O’s Garage Cipero Road Borde Narve Village San Fernando Stephen Roopchan 656-5152/5282
037 Ramjohn & Lilly Mohammed T/A Mohammed Auto Supply 26 Grell Street Siparia Ramjohn & Lilly Mohammed 649-1925
041 R & R Engineering Associates Ltd 6 Ramsaroop Road, Union Village Claxton Bay Ramlal Jaggernauth 659-3205/4300
044 Road Transport Engineering 53 Main Road Pt. Fortin Clyde Anthony James 648-2312/26/2154
048 G.N.G. Enterprises Ltd. 1135 Abdool Village Penal Gabgaram Narine 647-7938/5172
058 Nanhoo service Station T/A La Carib Service Station 19 Carib Street San Fernando Betty-Ann Nanhoo & Lisa Nanhoo 652-3470
063 B & L Automobile Services Ltd. 78 Battoo Avenue Marabella 3 Corinth Junction Cocoyea Village San Fernando Lee-Ann Moore 766-3422, 778-6711
068 K. Deen’s Auto Services Ltd. 58 Union Road Marabella Khalifa Mohoyodeen 658-3648
071 S.S. Auto Supplies & Services L.P. 1478 Dow Village South Oropouche Sunil Rambharose 648-8666, 752-6378
072 B.J. Service Garage P.O. Box 640 St. Croix Road Princes Town via Barrackpore Bharadwadge Jugmohan 655-1332
074 Active General Traders Ltd. 23SpringGardens, Balmain Couva Danny Balkissoon 679-8335/8345
077 Wayne and Cindy Services 587 Penal Rock Road Penal Wayne Birjah 647-9883
078 Wheeler Tyre Sales & Services 126 Cipero Road Golconda Village San Fernando Sham Abrahim 652-8179


047 Roberts Auto Service and Tyre Shop Goldsborough Tobago Andrew Roberts 660-4256
066 Sylvester Auto World Sherwood Park Tobago Anthony Sylvester 639-7546

Photo of the new Motor Vehicle Authority building in Frederick Settlement, Caroni.
This is where all licensing offices have been moved to except for San Fernando and Tobago.
List of vehicle inspection stations in Trinidad & Tobago (1)

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