The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (2023)

Bread, Set, Slice! You heard that right.

Cutting bread with quality deli slicers is a breeze. But you have to find the best bread slicer to do the magic. Nothing compares to having freshly-baked bread sliced into your desired sizes for breakfast.

In this buying guide, we have enlisted the best bread slicers available on the market. Let’s explore.

The Best Bread Slicers

Top ProductsRatingMaterial
1. Bambusi Bread Slicer4.0High-quality Organic Bamboo
2. Better Bread Slicer (African Mahogany – Cherry)4.7High-quality Wood
3. KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial 320W Electric4.5Premium Stainless Steel Coated with Teflon Blade
4. Premium Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer4.0Natural Bamboo
5. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer4.1Die-cast Aluminum Body, Stainless Steel Blade

1. Bambusi Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer

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Best Features: Sturdy build, Foldable design, Adjustable thicknesses, Crumbs tray

With the weight of about 3 pounds and dimensions of 12.5 x 9.5 2.5 inches, this bamboo bread slicer offers the best cutting experience. It comes with a slicing guide that helps you to cut bread evenly. Moreover, the sides are grooved to achieve adjustable bread thicknesses. You can choose three slice thicknesses to suit your personal preferences. It can either be a thick or thin slice.

Furthermore, the Bambusi bread slicer comes with a crumbs tray and knife. The tray helps you create less mess around the kitchen. For this bread slicer, we recommend recommended using a 10″ bread knife. With a sturdy built, this bread slicer can hold your loaf steadily. Apart from cutting even slices of bread, it also provides stability every time you use it. Lastly, this bread slicer has a classy look and features.

2. Mixier Bread Slicer – Toast Slicer or Cutting

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Best Features: Adjustable design, Foldable built, Anti-skid, Easy-to-clean

Mixieer bread slicer is suitable for everyday meal preps. That’s because it’s easy to clean up after use. Moreover, its foldable design helps you save space. You can easily keep it on your countertop, or store in the kitchen drawers. This 5.5 x 1.7 x 8.7 inches bread slicer weighs about 5.6 ounces and is made from premium-quality ABS resin, making it lightweight. Another great feature of this bread slicer is its multipurpose design. That means you can slice bread in various thicknesses. For example, 15mm, 24mm, and 30mm.
If you want a foldable bread slicer that is comfortable to use, Mixier is the best choice.

3. VuHom Bamboo Bread Slicer for Homemade Bread & Loaf Cakes

The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (3)

Best Features: Easy storage, East to use, Eco-friendly, 1-year warranty

VuHom Bamboo Bread Slicer is another popular brand that provides comfort and ease of use for your meal preps. With its strong and sturdy build, this bread slicer reduces crumbs and mess. The foldable design makes it easy to use and store. Moreover, its compact size means you can pack it inside your bag to bring anywhere Apart from that,this bread slicer enables you to cut bread evenly with sizes from 1/2″, 1/3″, and 3/8″ slice. With its 12 x 8.7 x 7.5 inches dimensions, it is suitable for most sizes of bread. It also offers various sizes of slices guides for everyday use. Lastly, it’s designed using sustainable and eco-friendly wood. So, you needn’t worry about your carbon footprint.

4. The Bread Pal Bread Slicer

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Best Features: Easy to set-up, Automatically lock, Strong and sturdy

This American bread slicer comes with a dimension of about 12 x 8 x 2 inches and can accommodate most bread sizes. Apart from that, it weighs 1.85 pounds and is easy to set up anywhere. Therefore, it is also suitable for outdoor use. Unlike other slicers, the Bread Pal Slicer uses an original design. It is a spring-loaded design featuring an automatic self-lock for security. This self-lock technology allows you to open and close it effortlessly. Built using American materials like birch, maple, and hardwood, it’s an excellent choice for pastry chefs. It’s also a great choice for beginners who want a clean slice every time!

5. B-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (5)

Best Features: 100% Bamboo wood, 4 groove sizes, Environment-friendly, Compact, No bottom tray

With the dimensions of 12.5 x 7.2 x 2.3 inches and a weight of 1.80 pounds, this bread slicer will suit any loaf of bread. It features three different groove sizes, including 1.2cm, 1.0cm, and 0.8cm, to suit your personal taste and desired requirements. Like other bread slices on this list, it is foldable and compact for convenient use. Moreover, the manufacturers built this using organic bamboo wood, which provides stability when in use. DB-Tech Bread Slicer has a classy design that offers clean, even deli cuts. You can easily cut homemade bread or loaf cakes with this sturdy, compact-sized bread slicer. It’s an ideal choice for bakery or home use.

6. Bread Slicer Elite – Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Wood Bread Board

The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (6)

Best Features: Sturdy build, Food-grade cutting guide, High-quality solid maple board, Modern design, Easy to clean

Bread Slicer Elite features a modern and sophisticated look. It’s a durable slicer and used premium-quality brushed stainless steel slicing guides. Moreover, it comes with a solid maple wood board that helps retain stability when in use. If you’re looking for a mess-free bread slicing experience, consider buying this elegant slicer. Apart from being a uniquely-designed bread slicer, it also works as well as it should. It comes fully-assembled, ready to cut the perfect slices of your home-baked bread.

Furthermore, it is hand-made from USA with the finest food-grade stainless steel and sanded maple wood. It fits all your bread-slicing requirements and cut different sized loaves!

7. Norpro Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher

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Best Features: Innovative design, Easy to assemble, Easy to clean, Acrylic slicing guide

Norpro bread slicer is another distinctive model boasting an inexpensive price tag! It has dimensions of about 1.5 x 2 x3 inches weighs about 4 ounces. It features an acrylic slicing guide to ensure cutting even and uniform slices. Besides that, it has a removable crumb catcher that helps reduce the mess created after slicing. Norpro Bread Slicer is an inventive bread slicer that promises a comfortable and easy bread-cutting experience. Lastly, cleaning after use is not a big issue with this bread slice. You can just wipe it with a damp cloth after using.

Norpro has brought forward a unique combination; its design can easily catch someone’s attention and evenly slice your favorite bread.

8. Better Bread Slicer – African Mahogany and Cherry

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Best Features: New and Improved model, Rounded tops, 6” high side panels, Heavy unit

The Better Bread Slicer by Blackhills presents a classy and useful combo for buyers. It comes in different colors like African mahogany and cherry. Moreover, their brand-new version has three major changes. It features rounded tops for easier knife insertion and a backstop to keep the bread in place. Apart from that, it also has enclosed ends to avoid side-panel slippage. You don’t have to worry about bread slices splattering all over the place. The 6 inch high side panel can handle tall loaves. Plus, it has multiple width options – 3.6”, 4.8”, and 6.2”.
Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and has convenient storage options. While it may show knife marks, it’ll never dull these knives. Lastly, the unit is heavy and remains stable during use.

9. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer

The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (9)

Best Features: All-in-one food slicer, Space-saving design, Easy cleanup, Safe and Smart technology, 1-year warranty, cETL approved

If you’re looking for a versatile food slicer to easily cut deli-style bread, ham, turkey, roast beef, and vegetables, then Chefman food slice is your best bet. This die-cast electric deli sliver comes with adjustable thickness settings for customizing slices to suit your preferences. Moreover, it features a space-saving design and is compact enough for cabinets and countertops. Whether you’re craving midday breakfast or making gourmet meals, this all-in-one food slicer is ideal. Lastly, it’s easy to use, and cleanup is effortless.

10. KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial 320W Electric

The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (10)

Best Features: Easy cleanup, Lifetime warranty, 320 watts power motor

This machine is a powerhouse when it comes to electric food slicers. It has a sturdy-build made of stainless steel and skid-proof legs. The 10” blade has a straight edge to cut meats, bread, cheese and vegetables. Moreover, it’s coated with Teflon, which makes it ideal for different foods. If you frequently prepare your meals and require a multipurpose food slicer, the KWS MS-10NT is an excellent option. It’s suitable for small kitchens, or restaurants with moderate slicing requirements. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. Lastly, all parts are easy to assemble and clean.

Best Bread Slicers for Homemade Bread

If you enjoy baking bread at home, these bread slicers will help you a great deal. Let’s take a look!

11. Silky Road Bamboo Bread Slicer

The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (11)

This bread slicer comes with a free knife for a perfect slice! It has three different thickness options to suit your preferences. Moreover, it offers clutter-free slicing because it has a black plate insert. This helps remove the crumbs in place while you’re cutting bread. It’s a compact-sized, sturdy bread slicer with a foldable design for easy storage and comfort.
Additionally, this slicer is easy-to-assemble and is ideal for home and outdoor use. With dimensions of 13 x 9 x 2.5 inches and weight of 2.73 pounds, Norpro Bread Slicer can be an excellent choice. Lastly, it features high-quality and non-porous, anti-bacterial bamboo.

Best Features: Foldable, Adjustable, Sturdy build, Anti-bacterial bamboo, Easy to use, Free knife

12. Heartland Bamboo Bread Slicer – Compact & Foldable

The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (12)
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Best Features: Easy to assemble, Sturdy, 100% pure bamboo, Compact storage, Free gift

This model comes with two slicing options of 1/2″ and 3/8″. Built using 100% pure bamboos, it’s ideal for long-term use. This quality material offers durability even after years of use. Despite different slicing options, the manufacturers recommend using a 10-inch slicing knife for a perfect cut. Moreover, it features compact storage capacity and maximum stability to hold your bread firmly. It also uses a spring load design that is easy to assemble. With the dimensions of 8.1 x 2.1 x 12.8 inches and 10.4 ounces, this bread slicer is perfect for an average-sized loaf. Furthermore, this bread slicer is environment-friendly and uses pure bamboo. It’s a superb choice for people looking for purely-made safe materials.

13. Kinwell Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer

The 13 Best Bread Slicers [ 2022 Reviews ] (13)

Best Features: Storage-friendly, High-quality bamboo, Easy-to-clean, Extra bread bags, Adjustable thickness levels

This version of Kinwell’s bamboo bread slicer comes with a compact size and a smoother touch. It allows you to choose between different thickness levels. Thanks to the high-quality, 100 percent bamboo used, the slicer is sturdy, eco-friendly, and durable. Moreover, the crumb tray at the bottom saves you from the mess in the kitchen. It also provides effortless serving and easy cleanup. Apart from that, the slicer is foldable so you can store it without fretting about the lack of space. It’s a multipurpose slicer and can also be an excellent choice for baguettes, cakes, and cheese. For the affordable price, you get 20 bread bags to store bread slices.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider

What is bread slicer?

A bread slicer is a smart multi-functional device for your kitchen. It’s a type of tool that allows you to cut even bread slices with minimal effort. What’s amazing about these slicers is the ability to change the preferred thickness by moving the grooves. They’re ideal for both homemade and store-bought bread.

The guide moves the knife through a slit and that is how the bread is cut. The guide comes with slits that are separated from each other, depending on the thickness levels they’re intended for. Most models in the market offer 3 to 4 different thickness levels. Though, some may offer only one. Apart from that, these guides keep your hands safe from injuries while you’re cutting the bread. You’ll appreciate the fact that these devices aren’t just useful for bread, but also for other foods like baguettes, cheese, and ham.

Choosing the Best Bread Slicer

Plastic vs. woods – Which is a Better Choice?
Bread slicer manufacturers commonly use plastics and woods as guiding materials. Some buyers settle for plastics because these models are so easy to clean. Meanwhile, others prefer models made from quality woods and bamboo. Both of these materials are ideal, but when talking about durability, wood is preferable over flimsy plastics.

Can you adjust it?
Whenever you slice bread, the size also matters. Another factor to consider is the thickness options and adjustability. Your chosen bread slicer must have settings that suit regular sizes. Additionally, some manufacturers offer slicing guides so you can suit the thickness of your personal preferences.

Why choose a bread slicer instead of a bread knife?

Surely, you can buy a great knife with a serrated blade and a sturdy handle. Although bread knives are suitable on their own, for moments when we need multiple slices, a bread slicer tool is more viable. Moreover, the ample slots available on each side of the singular cutting board give us the freedom to cut equal slices. Depending on its size, the slicing board can fit small, medium, or large bread loaves.

Furthermore, you have the option of non-electric and electric bread slicers. The non-electric ones use wood or plastic, and electric ones use premium stainless steel.
With a quality bread slicer, there’s less crumbs and less food wastage. These devices take bread slicing to the next level. Therefore, it’s ideal for bigger families or restaurants and kitchens, but also for any individual who wants even and compact bread slices.

Does the tool’s material play a role?

For some people, the material quality of the bread slicer is a deciding factor.
These non-electric gadgets also come with acrylic body options. Wood is considered as the most attractive. Plus, it’s thought of as an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. Some buyers prefer hardwoods such as hickory or maple for their optimal performance.

If there’s no info available for the device’s wood type, there’s a higher risk of the bread slicer being prone to chipping, splintering, or breakage.

Wooden bread slicers have to be properly maintained to avoid grease and bacteria.
The acrylic choices offer an amazing contemporary look; however, the slots where the knife slides may chip and wear down easily. Moreover, this material is prone to fogginess and scratches if washed excessively. Lastly, people choose plastic for its flexibility and cheap price tag. However, they’re less likely to stick for long-term regular use. And an obstacle for people who want to make a good investment.

Regardless of which material you choose, this is an excellent multifunctional tool that guarantees an enjoyable slicing experience.

How to maintain a bread slicer for long-lasting performance?

9 Best Bread Slicers 2020

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If you choose a wooden bread slicer, you have made a smart decision. This choice requires minimal cleaning and maintaining the effort. Moreover, you can remove the crumbs with a dry cloth.

Avoid putting your wooden bread slicer in the dishwasher or leaving them in a damp area for too long. This is because mold and mildew can appear. Furthermore, using a damp cloth and then wiped with a dry one. Any remaining mess can be dusted away. Unlike the wooden options, these aren’t that prone to mildew and mold. However, they are less durable.

Should you worry about the lack of storage space?

10 Best Bread Slicers 2018

A bread slicer isn’t a tiny tool that you can place anywhere in your kitchen. So, it’s vital to consider the size before making a final decision. Compare your kitchen space and then choose the correct bread slicer size.

Protip: Go with the option that occupies the least space. Alternatively, you can choose a foldable option. This ensures that space is saved and doesn’t require any assembling or disassembling. If you buy a foldable option, choose the ones that fold flat as they fit in the narrowest areas. However, these models require additional efforts with each use.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQS)

Q1. How easy is it to use a bread slicer?

A: To use it, you can rotate the spring-loaded slicer guides to their open position. Insert the bread stop, and place the bread loaf.
To store: Remove the bread stopper. Push the knife guides out of the notch before rotating them under.

Q2. Can I cut round loaves?

A: Yes. You can cut the round loaf in half and place one side face down on the cutting board. Proceed to cut normally.

Q3. Can I slice a 2 lb loaf?

A: Yes, 2 lb loaves can easily fit most bread slicers. Though, you must check for the size before buying one.

Q4: Does your slicer slide around on the counter?

A: Most manufacturers offer skid-proof, rubber “feet” to keep the bread slicer in place while slicing.

Q5: What size bread knife should I use?

A: Most bread slicers can accommodate larger as well as smaller loaves, so we recommend a 10″ or longer knife blade.

Q6: Can I use my electric knife?

A: Yes, most electric knives can work with bread slicers without any problem.

Q7: How do I clean my bread slicer?

A: To clean any bread slicer, simply brush off bread crumbs using a dry cloth. We don’t recommend using not water.

Final Thoughts

You may think that you don’t need a bread slicer because you have a bread knife, but once you realize all the advantages, you’ll think twice.With a quality bread slicer, the risk of accidental injuries is lower. Besides that, the slices you cut are more uniform, and you can cut plenty of slices in a short amount of time. Also, there is less mess.

Bread slicers aren’t expensive and can last for a lifetime. It can be an excellent investment if you take good care of them. We’ve presented different models made with bamboo wood, but also presented excellent options from other materials. If you want durable, uniquely-designed, and compact bread slicer, our best picks might work for you. We have also shared some inexpensive options if you’re on a limited budget. For people who want to discover the best bread slicer, our budget picks will undoubtedly ease things!

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